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Recent Updates

  • Updated on: May 24, 2017

    Application Number Field (APN)

    To query the application serial number, use the APN field code.

    Please note that a US patent's application serial number is in the form 12/012345 and is the number assigned to the application shortly after it is received by the USPTO. Where 12 is the series code (containing one million applications) and the following six digits are the number that identifies the application. If you want to search the Application Publication Number, use the DN or PN field codes. Application publication numbers are in the form of US20100047408 A1, for example.

    APNs are not universally unique since a patent and its published application shares the same APN.

  • Patent and application numbers can be queried using the PN or DN field codes. PN (Patent Number) is an alias of the DN (Document Number) field. AcclaimIP uses two codes to query the same field to help users remember since patent number doesn't really apply to an application.

  • Updated on: May 24, 2017

    Inventor Address Field (IADR)

    To search for a specific address of an inventor, use the IADR field. Inventor addresses are already parsed into City, State/Province, and Country fields with their own field codes. Therefore, the IADR field is most useful when searching for a specific street address of an inventor.

  • Updated on: May 23, 2017

    Inventor Country Field (ICN)

    Use the inventor country field to search for patents where at least one named inventor is from that country. The field code is ICN.

  • Updated on: May 23, 2017

    Inventor State Field (IS)

    To query patents where at least one inventor is from a particular state, province of geographical sub-division, use the IS field code. Use the two letter postal code when querying the IS field. Outside of the US and Canada, this field is very sparsely populated.

  • Updated on: May 22, 2017

    Inventor Name Field (IN)

    To search for patents from specific inventors use the IN field code.

    Note that most inventors are listed by the (LastName, FirstName MiddleInitial.) format.  For example "Smith, John Q."  You may have to get creative with your queries to find all patents attributed to an inventor because of different versions of their names, Jobs, Steve; Jobs, Steven; Jobs, Steven P; Jobs, Steve P are all found in the patent data.

  • If you want to view patents with no current assignee name, but those that AcclaimIP guessed, use the ANA_ANG field code.

    ANA_ANG is a Boolean which means the only acceptable values are True or T, or False or F.  Booleans are not case sensitive, so ANA_ANG:T and ANA_ANG:true return the same results.

    When patents and applications are published with blank assignee names, AcclaimIP can guess them with a high degree of accuracy.  We use inventor name and address fields, agent name and address fields, date fields and classification fields to guess the likely assignee of each patent.  When the confidence level is above a certain threshold, we publish the guessed assignee name in the ANG (Assignee Normalized Guessed) field, AND mark the ANA_ANG field as True.

    Very often, patent applications are published with no assignee name on them, but when the patent grants, the applicant adds their name to the granted patent.  In these cases, AcclaimIP replaces the guessed assignee name on the application with the official assignee name from the granted patent.  AcclaimIP also removes the asterisk from the Current Assignee field ( * ) and flips the ANA_ANG to False.

  • Updated on: May 22, 2017

    Assignee Address Field (AADR)

    Use the AADR field code to find assignees by specific addresses.  Remember if you want to find by city, state or countries, use the AC, AS and ACN queries respectively

  • Updated on: May 22, 2017

    Assignee City Field (AC)

    Sometimes it is nice to understand where patents are coming from.  Assignee addresses are broken up by city, state and country.  Use the AC field code to query for assignee city.

    Querying AC returns patents where the assignee address is in that city.

  • Updated on: May 22, 2017

    Assignee Country Field (ACN)

    If you want to query patents by the country of their assignees, use the ACN field code.

    Use the two-digit ISO 3166 country codes in the ACN field.