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Sometimes you may want to view patents by their images only.  It is particularly useful if you have to page through 1000's of design patents looking for a particular design.

AcclaimIP has a special view mode called "Image Viewer".

Start Image Viewer Mode

In this search's query window, we have the terms "computer" and "mouse" in design patents (PT:D) within the last 10 years (ISD:[NOW-10YEARS to NOW]).  Scanning the grid here doesn't tell you very much does it?  Sometimes it can give you a lot of information, but with searches like this, information is sparse.  With this search, even the Expander Row view shows only one image which is better but not perfect.

A more useful way to browse these type of patent searches is by their figures.  You can do this by using the Image View option.

Turn On Image Viewer Mode

Select View>Image View to go to Image View mode.  Select View>Grid View to go back to normal grid view.

Viewing Using Image View

The image view shows patent drawings and gives you tools to quickly step through thousands of images.

  • Clicking on the patent number (1) opens a separate Document Details window for the patent.
  • Use the left and right arrows (2) to scroll through the other images in the same patent.  The information to the left of the arrows shows you the total number of images for that patent.
  • The default image (3) is the representative image.  Double click the image to view it in its own window.  Once it is in its own window you can zoom in/out, rotate the image, and scroll through the other images in the same patent.
  • Use the pagination controls (4) at the bottom to view the next set of patents.

Note:  The image above shows there are 3 representational patent drawings available for you to see.  This is actually based on the screen size/resolution.  The more screen real estate available, the more images you can see. For example, if you are using Google Chrome on Microsoft Windows, you can hit Ctrl+minus (the - symbol) to zoom out.  AcclaimIP will automatically add more images as they get smaller.  It's not a good idea to zoom out too far, however, as the images become too small to be useful.  Ctrl+plus (the + symbol) allows you to zoom back in on Chrome.  Other browsers may have a different way to zoom out and in.


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